Prisym Network

Data storage on the network is nowadays standard and enables the centralized use of layouts and data. The more people participate in the layout design, the higher the necessary licenses to use the software PRISYM Design.

Buy no more than absolutely necessary licenses and assign them dynamically. The License Manager of PRISYM Network version allows dynamic licensing in Windows networks
or Citrix / Windows Terminal Server

Prisym Network
Demo Version


License Manager

In the PRISYM Network version the licenses are assigned dynamically via a License Manager. For this, the License Manager software is installed in the network on a server and activated for a number of users.

You can then install as many PRISYM Design versions as you like. If all licenses are assigned, the next user will have to wait until another user terminates his PRISYM Design and the license is released.

Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server

In order to enable easy management of PRISYM Design Software, the License Manager can also be used with Citrix or Windows Terminal Server. In this version, the licenses will be assigned on terminal session IDs instead workstation IPs.

The licensing model with Citrix / TS can also be used if you just want to access a virtual PC via remote desktop. For local licensing PRISYM Design a Remote Desktop Connection is blocked.


Fixed Licenses

For users who work primarily with PRISYM Design, you can assign a dedicated license for a specific workstation. Such dedicated licenses will no longer be considered for dynamic licensing.

In order to obtain an overview of assigned licenses, the license manager provide reports for evaluation. For example you can see in these reports how many licenses have been granted in what period of time.

Central Data Store

A central data storage for layouts, images and databases already provided by PRISYM Design, but is an important prerequisite for PRISYM Network. No local data should be stored on the workstations in PRISYM Network.

If you want to customize layout design regardless of the printing system, you can use our generic printer. Here are only functions available, which are usable on all supported printers.


Network Printers

As PRISYM Design already supports direct network printing, for the printer installation you only need to assign an IP address. Through our direct printer control, no Windows drivers are required. Therefore no administration of server printer queues is required.

The current print jobs are visible to the user directly in PRISYM Design. We strongly recommend that printers in PRISYM Network are always connected via LAN. In principle, local ports such as USB, parallel port and the serial interface are possible. However, this increases the administrative effort and contradicts the concept of PRISYM Network.

Access Control

In addition to the password protection for individual layouts, PRISYM Network also provides a complete access management for users. The simplest case is to assign rights for printing, layout design and for administrative tasks.

As more advanced features, you can enable reasons for layout changes for logging. These basic functions are not approved as a solution under GMP..