Prisym Design

Our development team had since the beginning of PRISYM Design Software a clear vision of simple operation and usage. The new ribbon bar in Office style allow fast access to main functions without long menus and dozen of Icons.

Your daily work must be optimized and simplified. Features such as automatic font scaling, working with live data and the alignment of fields will help to ease your workflow.

Prisym Design
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Simplified User Interface

Simple operation means for us a simple user interface with a clear structure and fast access to important functions for the layout design. The new ribbon bar therefore adapts to the screen size and the current workspace to displays available options. .

Many functions supporting your daily work in the layout design, such as automatic text to block scaling, a fixation of blocks and versatile alignment functions, to name just a few examples. The display of live data from other data sources together with Phantom fields for unprintable blocks will help you to get an overview of the whole layout.

Integrated Printer Drivers

Our more than 500 printer drivers are tightly integrated in PRISYM Design. This allows us to get the best performance out of your printing system through the use of intelligence in the printer. While other software packages use Windows printer drivers and send content as a large graphic to the printer, Prisym Design will use the small and fast data transmission via internal printer functionality.

The built-in drivers will make printer administration very simple as the print settings are managed in the layout. Of course PRISYM Design also support windows printer drivers, if you can not find your printing system in our huge driver list.


Variable Data Content

To use variable data within Label Designs is an important prerequisite for todays effective management of layouts. Databases and macros will help to reduce the layout templates to a minimum.

PRISYM Design support various variable types like prompted variables for data input before printing, database variables to access your product data and various time and date variables. Some special features given by macro and block variables, as well as the variable for background and foreground color in color printing.

Database Connection

Only central data management allows a secure label printing process with correct product data. Whether these data is listed in a simple Excel sheet, grabbed from an Access database or SAP & Co; PRISYM Design is able to use it. Through universal ODBC database drivers we can access to the various data sources: Access, Excel, SQL, AS400, Oracle, Lotus, dBase, Paradox, IBM and MySQL, just to show a slight selection.

Since databases often contain a lot of tables and columns, PRISYM Design will help you when creating the database variables through a database wizard. With this wizard you have all database variables available with a few clicks and you can directly add them to the layout.


barcode Wizard

Simple barcode printing is no longer the most important aspect within the use of barcodes. Terms such as GS1, EAN, UDI and HIBC also define the data structure to be used. Our Barcode Wizard in PRISYM Design will help to create these barcodes and our mobile apps allow a fast check of data contents.

Our wizard will help you in choosing the correct EAN and GS1 identifiers, shows information on the data content and calculate the necessary check digits automatically. Our macro functions and block variables further simplify the production of double check digits in the HIBC primary and secondary codes.

Images and Symbols

To give you fast access to common images, we have added an image library of images and symbols licensed for use in PRISYM Design. Here you will find icons for the textile sector, for the medical industry as well as in the areas of packaging and recycling.

What images are used, can also be defined on databases. In the layout Prisym Design will support you with the functions of scaling, the aspect ratio and the anchor point at an image for variable usage. The various rastering methods for converting color images and the 1:1 option for high-resolution printers, will optimize the print output.


External control via Automation

PRISYM Design provides interfaces for external control via Automation to integrate the label printing in your own processes. This starts with the internal scripting language PrisymBasic in macros, extended with the use of command files up to the complete external control via Visual Basic or C #. Use our professional development team for questions or give your requirements with us in order.

Whether it is a simple printer selection via barcode, a complex data accesses into your ERP-system in the background or you need a PLC connection to production line printers, use our experience. In addition our module technology will bring the programming costs into an acceptable range.