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When testing GS1 or HIBC barcodes there are two sections to consider: PrintQuality and readability of the barcode and examination of the data content against Given Regulations. For print quality and contrast values plus tolerances of barcode bars sizes will usually require an accurate evaluation by Barcode verifiers.

Nevertheless, our support team has very often requests if the barcode content meets the regulations including field length and check digits. This has led us to develop an application for Apple iPhone and iPad to be able to have a quick and cheap check to the data content of GS1 or HIBC barcodes.



GS1 and HIBC Content

Our App for GS1 barcodes performs a check on all currently valid data identifier and also taking the GS1 typical control characters into account. This applies to the FNC1 control characters and also for switching of fonts in the GS1-128 to allow an exact evaluation of barcode content.

With our App for HIBC checks the requirements were lower, since no special characters are used. The only additional challenge was reading of separate Primary and Secondary HIBC barcodes. Through this double reading, we also have the opportunity to compare the associated primary transfer check digit.



Our App Barcode-Check offers an overview of all current GS1 Application Identifier, including detailed information and a general barcode scanner. The important functions can be found by checking GS1-128 and GS1 DataMatrix barcodes. When the barcode is read, it will be checked against all current identifiers and the result is listed and added as PDF Report.



The HIBC App reads barcodes as either combi-barcode or separately as a primary and secondary code. If both informations read, it checks in accordance with the HIBC guidelines and displays the result. All current HIBC barcodes are supported and also associated check digits are evaluated.


Examination without Investment

One requirement for the development of both tools was to provide our customers with valuable LABEL ID tools for rapid testing. Our goal is the support for our customers, and therefore you will find both apps at very reasonable prices below 20 Euros on the AppStore. Of course, also in the set of 2 as a bundle...

If you need additional assistance with the layout and design of GS1 and HIBC compliant labels, please contact us. Our professional team will help you in case of questions.

Barcode-Check Bundle
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Both apps in the AppStore, download a complete data check for less than 20 euros ...